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Herz Valves UK Ltd. - Compact Heating Substation
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Compact Heating Substation


Compact Heating Substation

The Compact heating substation is designed to control the delivery of heating energy to the secondary heating system from a primary network or district heating system. 

Comprising heat exchangers, PICV, heat meter, strainers, air vents, drains, isolation valves, circulation pump, safety valve, microprocessor control unit, sensors for temperature and pressure measurement.

Bespoke designs.

Cooling options also available.

Thermal capacities: 20 kW to 4 MW

Primary supply temperature: up to 140°C

Secondary supply temperature: up to 90°C.
Primary supply nominal pressure: PN 16
Secondary supply nominal pressure: PN 6

Product List

Code Qty Product Description Order
F880001 Compact Heating Substation Up to 300 kW
F880002 Compact Heating Substation Up to 600 kW
F880003 Compact Heating Substation Over 600 kW