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Herz Valves UK Ltd. - Herz Guildford Indirect HIU
Feel the Water
Herz Guildford Indirect HIU


Herz Guildford Indirect HIU

UK Water Reg 4 Compliant


KUKReg4 Approved

BESA Tested


Twin hex, DHW PT controller, Tempering valve, primary temperature "summer" bypass, secondary flow temp limiter, strainers, DPCV, includes insulated cover.
Top entry bracket available to facilitate top entry if required.

HIU fully insulated, optional heat meter & water meter


Product List

Code Qty Product Description
  • DHW
  • HTG
1402356 Guildford HIU Bottom connections
  • 63kW 20l/min
  • 8kW
1402360 Guildford HIU Bottom connections
  • 82kW 26l/min
  • 8kW