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Herz Valves UK Ltd. - Commissioning Centre
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Commissioning Centre

Com Centre

Commissioning Centre

A manifold system enclosed in an insulated box suitable for heating or chilled applications, incorporating isolation valves on the flow manifold and manual or motorised commissioning valves on the return. The arrangement also includes a strainer and blow down valve, a Differential Pressure Control Valve and a flushing bypass. Valves are available in ½” to 1” sizes and manifolds available up to 6 ports. Commissioning centres are handed to suit.


Product List

Code Qty Product Description Order
CC-CS Com Centre CS version FODRV & IV on ports, DPCV, strainer, drain, air vent & bypass
CC-CV Com Centre CV version FOCV & IV on ports, DPCV, strainer, drain, air vent & bypass
CC-PICV Com Centre PICV version PICV & IV on ports, OP, strainer, drain, air vent & bypass